Call sign block Principal use
GAA – GZZ domestic
MAA – MZZ domestic
VPA – VQZ Oceanic islands, Antarctica
ZBA – ZJZ Gibraltar, Middle East, south Atlantic
2AA – 2ZZ domestic

It is worth taking some time to be familiar with the different licence classes and styles of call sign you will be hearing and working on air. In some countries the number in the call sign is issued depending on the area of the licencing country in which the amateur lives, in the UK that is not the case. Instead in the UK we have regional designation via a second letter added to the prefix within the call sign e.g. GW for Welsh stations (see below).

Here in the County of Cornwall Ofcom have indicated agreement to assign a Regional designator following the County’s assignment of Minority Status. This has caused much comment from around the Country and the RSGB has now entered into discussions with Ofcom. If ratified it is believed it will be optional to use the designator, it will only apply to stations living in the County and not to visiting amateurs. The designator will be the letter ‘K’ for Kernow (could not have a C as this is being used for Club Stations in bonnie Scotland. Watch this space, time will tell and, by mid 2015 I could be GK4USB. that looks and sounds really strange!

Not sure what a Club Call will become as currently it is an ‘X’ a an English Club, more to guess hi hi!


Call signs are the property of Ofcom even when assigned.[5]     a bit like car licence numbers

Prefixes + letters in suffix

Licence class

M3 + 3 Letters Foundation Licence
M6 + 3 Letters Foundation Licence
2EØ + 3 Letters Intermediate Licence
2E1 + 3 Letters Intermediate Licence
G1 + 3 letters Full Licence
G2 + 2 letters Full Licence
G2 + 3 letters Full Licence
G3 + 2 letters Full Licence
G3 + 3 letters Full Licence
G4 + 2 letters Full Licence
G4 + 3 letters Full Licence
G5 + 2 letters Full Licence
G6 + 2 letters Full Licence
G6 + 3 letters Full Licence
G7 + 3 letters Full Licence
G8 + 2 letters Full Licence
G8 + 3 letters Full Licence
GØ + 3 letters Full Licence
MØ + 3 letters Full Licence
M1 + 3 letters Full Licence
M5 + 3 letters Full Licence
m/^(G|M)(\S)?\d{1}\S{1}$/ Contest callsign

N.b. Callsigns in the G9 series are commercial licences, issued for experimental purposes and these may not be used on the amateur bands.

Regional two-letter prefixes are assigned according to the following table:[6]

Region G-prefix M-prefix Intermediate lic. G-club prefix M-club prefix Special event
England G M 2E GX MX GB
Guernsey GU MU 2U GP MP GB
Isle of Man GD MD 2D GT MT GB
Jersey GJ MJ 2J GH MH GB
Northern Ireland GI MI 2I GN MN GB
Scotland GM MM 2M GS MS GB


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