70Mhz Transceivers

70Mhz, the 4M band is one of the areas that is very well served by the availability of analogue radios from the PMR market as many services such as the Ambulance Service and the Water Board have upgraded to Digital equipment meaning a flood of used stock for the Amateur community to convert for use on the band.

The names to look lout for here are Ascom, Motorola, Tait and Phillips in the main and if converted well the transceivers work very well. Most will have no S.Meter and some will be channelized with no frequency read out but once mastered will be great in use. Work on an average price of say £60 to 80 for a converted unit and be prepared to have some possible problems with the microphones especially the cables which in many cases will have become brittle and they tend to break up when in use.

Commercial manufacturers are a little thin on the ground with the most prevalent being Anytone or the derivatives thereof under another badge; these hail from China and when compared to the Japanese radio prices are very keenly priced indeed. A lot of bank for your bucks to be honest.

The sub pages here will contain reports on the various 4M radios in use and how well they appear to work.


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