24.89 to 24.99Mhz — 12M

12 Metres, 24.89 – 24.99Mhz

Another case of small is beautiful. 12M can be the source of many very strong contacts. If 10m is open (even if it is not)  take a look at 12 and you may be surprised to find the small space crammed with strong contacts to be enjoyed in a contest free environment so, great to escape the contest frenzy if you don’t enjoy it. You will find you can tune your 10m antenna with any luck, ok not the most efficient but it will work.

The highest frequency WARC band, and also contest free, 12 metres is often over-looked. But it can frequently provide good propagation even when 10 metres is closed. Aerials are small and it is usually not a busy band, so in good conditions it is an easy band on which to make good DX contacts.

If DXpedition pile-ups are too big on 15 and 10 metres, try 12 metres instead if operating from a more simple station. Even more so than 10 metres, it is worth calling CQ even if the band appears dead, as it can often be open to unexpected places at anytime.

kHz 24890 24915 24915 24929 24929 24931 24931 24990
Modes CW Data IBP SSB


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