21.00 to 21.450Mhz — 15M

15 Metres, 21.0 – 21.45MHz

If you like a quieter environment in which to work your DX contacts then take a long look at 15m as it provides excellent possibilities of long distance contacts with much more room than the 20m band and many operators willing to take the time to have a chat and make you feel at ease.

True global communication is available on tis band and, with the much lower noise floor on receive smaller less efficient aerials will still give you the chance to work the weaker DX stations around the globe. Be patient when you call though on this or any other band for that matter as the station you are calling achieving an S9 on your meter may only be receiving you at perhaps an S4 and many other callers at strengths covering your signal. However, you may not be hearing the other callers at your QTH…..that’s the fun of radio.


The 15 metre band is a wide allocation with plenty of space for all. It is an excellent DX band and is open for much longer and through more of the sunspot cycle than 10 metres.

kHz 21000 21070 21070 21149 21149 21151 21151 21450
Modes CW Data IBP SSB


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