18.068 – 18.168 — 17M

17 Metres, 18.068 – 18.168MHz

What a super band, such a shame space is limited. The place to go for a DX rag chew in relative peace and a useful bolt hole during the large international contents as this is a no contest zone. Thbe band has a dedicated following and you will be able to have repeat contacts with really friendly people who like to chat from all around the globe. The aerial length is very manageable and a dipole will give great results.

One of the WARC bands, propagation on 17 metres is similar in many ways to 20 metres. It can often be easier than 20 metres for more modestly equipped stations to make DX contacts as it is not so busy and even the super stations are likely to have smaller antennas, focussing their efforts on the contest bands.

It is a fairly narrow band, just 100kHz wide, and is designated contest free. Be careful to avoid transmitting on the International Beacon Project frequency of 18.110MHz.

kHz 18068 18095 18095 18109 18109 18111 18111 18168
Modes CW Data IBP SSB


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