14.00 t0 14.350 — 20M

20 Metres, 14.0 – 14.35MHz

The DX band everyone seems to gravitate to. An excellent band which almost always has activity to somewhere in the orld and, on occasion, within the UK when short skip becomes available with very strong signal under such conditions,

20 metres is by far the most popular band for regular DX contacts. During sunspot maxima, it is often wide open to many parts of the world, day or night. Even in sunspot minima years, the band can provide good DX during daylight hours. Because of the reliable nature of 20 metre propagation, it is a busy band, especially during contests. No disagreement with that statement!

The CW segment from 14060 – 14070kHz, and the SSB segment from 14300 – 14350kHz, coloured green in the table below, are designated as contest-free sections of the band in Region 1 and should be kept free of contest activity during Region 1 contests, although during major international events, it is likely that the whole band will be occupied. Indeed, Region one says no contest but the other regions don’t, with an international contest please don’t expect free space as a right as the other DX station is operating within his local band plan.

Note that the very small segment from 14.099 – 14.101MHz is used by the International Beacon Project and is reserved exclusively for these propagation beacons.

kHz 14000 14060 14060 14070 14070 14099 14099 14101 14101 14125 14125 14300 14300 14350
Modes CW CW Data IBP (Beacons) Data / SSB SSB SSB


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